Dit dig nie, Maar dit rym
Die Grotvroutjie
Die Mense
Droogte in my Siel...
Mountain View Country Inn
Te jonk vir liefde
Plekkie in my hart
Vir Jou
Jou Doring!
Potlode en Penne
'n Meisie se Matriek afskeid
My Kind


There are these images
I see in my mind
There is a Labyrinth
made of roses, but nothing to find.

My head is spinning,
My body aching after last night.
I feel so dirty, so wrong,
Nothing seems right.

The bed is spinning and it's too hot
It was because I am upset
about everything I'm not.

Perfect. Open Minded. Happy.
Thats not me.
There are so many things
I cannot be.

I'm just a girl
Who had a pill and a drink
After self-pity and loneliness
Made my head unclear to think.

After a few hours
The sun will start to rise
And I will begin working
On my disguise

To cover the tears I unwillingly cried
To cover the part of me
that secretly died.

A dagger was thrust
right into the center of my heart.
And it keeps twisting around and around
As if it never wants to part.

I can be beautiful
And perfect
In every way
But I will never be able to keep up
To the desires you have every day

How do I fit in
How can I possibly compare
To the girls you look at
in pornography
When I'm not there

How can I ever feel worthy
What can I possibly do
To be the one who can
Fulfill every part of you.

~Danél Oertel

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